Most Reliable Car Service Maidstone– Tyre, Brake, Transmission Repair Shop

Doaba Motors provides pick and drop off for car repairs in Maidstone. We offer a variety of services, covering all kinds of car repairs and maintenance. Our transparent car repair service is affordable, making car ownership an easy and pleasant experience for our customers.

  • Tyre Shop:
    Our tyre shop completes emergency tyre fittings and flat tyre repairs so that customers can safely get back on the road. . Driving around on worn-out tyre treads is a recipe for disaster. We always keep our tyre shop stacked with tyres for all popular models for customers to get their tyres replaced quickly and at reasonable prices. Our tyre shop in Maidstone also offers wheel balancing, wheel alignment, tyre rotating and puncture tyre repair services.
  • Car Brake Repairs:
    The brake system of a vehicle is equally important for car safety. Our car brake repairs are performed by highly skilled mechanics with years of experience who use high quality spare parts. We also offer brake inspections to check the car brake disc machining system. Mechanics fix brake pads, and brake fluid flushes are also provided to keep the brake system in top condition.
  • Automatic Transmission Diagnosis:
    Another one of our popular services at Doaba Motors in Maidstone is the automatic transmission diagnosis. Transmission specialists use this diagnosis to identify problems in the numerous components that make up the transmission system. We also offer oil cooler replacements and transmission repairs, rebuilds or maintenance.

Here are More Car Services We Offer:

  • Suspension Repair:
    4 X 4 suspension repairs and suspension maintenance are essential to maintain the overall health and performance of a vehicle. We have a suspension lift that our suspension specialists can use to work on ball joints, shock absorbers, rubber bushes, idler arms, and much more.


    • Starter Motor Replacements:
      Another common problem faced by car owners is difficulty in starting the car. This is usually due to starter motor malfunction. At Doaba Motors, we stock up on many popular starter motor models so that these issues can be effectively resolved.
    • Computerised Diagnostics:
      Nowadays, many car models have started to use computerised sensors, microchips and processors to operate different parts. At our workshop, we have a computerised diagnostics system to run an analysis on these car components and solve the problems that are detected.

    Why Should You Hire us in Maidstone for Car Service?

    At Doaba Motors in Maidstone, we take care to be eco-friendly and keep emissions and waste production from our repaired vehicles at a minimum. We also try to ensure that our customers can get the best quality of products and services at affordable prices as quickly as possible. Our mechanics and specialists put their experience and competence to good use for effectively resolving all car-related issues.

    At Doaba Motors, our team gives customers a great car repair experience so that they can get the most out of their cars and save their hard-earned money. Give our experts a call on 0481 314 947 or email us at for further assistance.