Affordable Tyre Shop with Repair Service in Braybrook & Sunshine

It is normal for tyre tread to gradually become shallow over time, causing the overall tyre performance to change. Irregular tread wear may also occur in addition to a variety of reasons. Regularly checking the tread depth and wear of each tyre on your vehicle will not only let you know when it is time to replace a tyre, but it can also help you detect other needed maintenance and get the maximum value out of your vehicle tyres.

Worn-out tyres can create unsafe driving conditions. If the tyres can’t grip the road, the driver may lose all control they have over their vehicle. Also, when roads are wet or snowy, tyre tread depth is important to cut through the rain or snow and maintain as much contact with the road surface as possible. The shallower your tread, the easier to lose traction while driving in the rain or snow. It is important to reduce speed in these conditions as it helps you maintain grip.

A variety of factors can cause a tyre to wear out sooner than expected or cause it to wear irregularly and create noise or vibration. We pride ourselves on being the best tyre shop in Braybrook and Sunshine. We have been in this mechanical repair industry for years and we are the best at delivering the most needed tyre repair service at affordable prices with the help of our fully equipped tyre repair centre.

Tyre Repair Services We Offer

It is imperative to keep your tyres properly maintained by periodically checking your tyre pressure and condition. At Doaba Motors, we have access to a huge selection of used tyres to fit cars of every make and model. Tyres of various sizes are available at our shop and we can fit them in while you wait. Doaba Motors is also home to a wide range of quality imported tyres as well as new and second-hand tyres. We do not charge any hidden fee on the services we provide. Some of our services include:

  • Wheel Balancing
  • Tyre Rotating
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Puncture Repairs

Our range of tyres include a variety of affordable wheels, luxury wheels, and custom wheels from different tyre manufacturers across the world. The tyres at our tyre repair shop are not only affordable, but also guarantee the best performance in both wet and dry road conditions.

Why Choose Our Tyre Shop?

Doaba Motors is a one-stop tyre shop for all your tyre repairs and replacements. Choosing Doaba Motors can provide us with the following advantages:

  • Affordable prices
  • Fitted and balanced tyres
  • Amicable customer support
  • High-quality mag wheels and tyres
  • Several years of relevant industrial experience

Contact us or call us on 0481 314947. You can also drop in today to get the deal of the day at Braybrook and Sunshine.