Car Brake and Clutch Repair & Replacement Specialist Service in Braybrook, Sunshine & Across Melbourne

At Doaba Motors, we have been performing the task of car brake and clutch repairs for several years in Braybrook, Sunshine & across Melbourne. Our experts check your car’s clutch and hydraulic system to see whether it can be fixed with a simple adjustment of the slave or master cylinder, or if the clutch assembly itself needs to be replaced entirely. However, we can assure that you’ll get fair and honest pricing.

At Doaba Motors, our technicians stay abreast of all the latest tools and technologies for quality brake and clutch repairs service. We specialize in clutch repairs for both domestic and foreign vehicles of different makes and brands. Our experts offer cost-effective brake pad and rotor replacement with the highest quality parts. It is important to note that all services are performed by our brake system experts and are backed by our warranty. Our preventative approach has proven to save you both time and money over the life of your vehicle. Brake systems services prevent unexpected failures and issues.


Why is Brake & Clutch Repairs Essential?

We specialize in clutch repairs for both foreign and domestic vehicles of all makes and models. At Doaba Motors, we strive to provide true quality on our auto repair services. This ensures that the high-quality services we provide always exceeds the expectations of our clientele.

At our workshop, we have a large collection of the most famous branded brake parts for both passengers and commercial vehicles. Our experts regularly inspect your car brakes and assist you with the right parts, products, and services to guarantee your braking safety. We also have an extensive collection of the best clutch offerings in Braybrook, Sunshine & across Melbourne. Following are some of the brake services we provide:

  • Brakes Inspection: Brake parts should be checked regularly to ensure that the ongoing wear levels are safe and acceptable. Doaba Motors will check your brakes free of charge, and with no prior appointment.
  • Brake Fluid Flush: You don’t want to realise your brake fluid is bad the hard way. Flushing the brakes removes the old fluid from the entire system, including the master reservoir, and it’s a great habit to do it every two years.
  • Brakes Replacement: For disc brakes, the technician will remove the pads and inspect the rotor(s) for excessive wear. If the rotors are excessively worn, they should be replaced or machined to a flat surface, and new pads will be installed later. You can also count on our team for clutch repairs and maintenance. If you need any replacement in brake or clutch parts, trust us to choose only the best and the most suitable for your vehicle.

What Makes Doaba Motors Unique?

At Doaba Motors, we have mechanics and technicians who possess adequate qualifications and most importantly have vast experience and immense passion in handling all model vehicles. We are the best when it comes to delivering the most needed car brake and clutch repair service in Braybrook, Sunshine & across Melbourne. Doaba Motors is one of the highly reputed mobile mechanics available in Braybrook and Sunshine for brake and clutch repairs. Feel free to call us on 0481 314 947 or send an email to