Cost-Efficient Spray-Painting Service in Braybrook & Sunshine

Spray painting is usually done as an alternative to factory recommended paint job, usually for a car that has met with an accident. This method is opted because it is cheaper and doesn’t affect the aesthetics of the car. Spray painting is also sometimes done to give your vehicle an aesthetically stunning finish.

At Doaba Motors, we provide spray painting services to those vehicles that have suffered from minor accidents or scratches. Our experts ensure that paint blends in perfectly with the existing coating of your vehicle. Vehicle paint technicians or motor vehicle finishers carry out all aspects of prepping vehicles including buffing, polishing, and priming surfaces before spray painting. At Doaba Motors, the roles of our paint technicians includes the following:

  • Examining and cleaning repaired bodywork
  • Prepping the surface to be painted: cleaning it, buffing, polishing, priming, and masking the parts not to be painted
  • Mixing colours, usually using computerised paint mixing technology, to match the rest of the body colour
  • Applying paint with a spray machine or hand-held spray gun
  • Buffing and polishing surface between coats
  • Estimating budget
  • Maintaining records of materials used
  • Being updated with new products and working methods
Spray Painting

Doaba Motors provides high-quality spray-painting services for clients in Sunshine and Braybrook. We will be delighted to clear all your queries. You can contact us via phone on 0481 314 947 or mail us at