Complete Panel Beating Service in Braybrook & Sunshine

At Doaba Motors, we offer our customers a wide range of panel beater services in Braybrook and Sunshine. We are specialized in vehicle body repairs, whether the car has undergone minor or major accidents. Our skilled and passionate experts perform necessary smash repairs that mostly concentrate on the vehicle’s main and sub panels. It is vital to understand that restoring the vehicle to pre-accident condition is the ultimate goal of our panel beaters.

Our panel beating services include panel beating and welding repairs, panel alignment work, jig system, computerized measuring system, quality control check etc. We provide our services by utilizing body alignment equipment for Car smash repairs as well. At Doaba Motors, we ensure that our professional beaters are provided with latest training and are technology certified by Australian standards.

At Doaba Motors, we assess vehicles in liaison with insurance companies. Our professional beaters are also cognizant of insurance companies and claim processes. We ensure that our customers receive high-quality services at affordable prices. For further information regarding our services, call us on 04 8131 4947 or mail us at